Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Challenger Appears!

The past several days have been soul-crushingly dull. Beyond greeting each customer with "Happy Obama Day!" yesterday, very little of interest has happened. Come to think of it though, I did have two bigots come in. One complained about "Why did they put two black guys next to each other? Just get it all over with on one damn day," regarding Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the Inauguration being on consecutive days.

The other guy came up with the gem "I-Nigger-Ation." Wow. Just... WOW.

Then I met my first villain.

Enter, SodaMan!

Well spoken and well dressed, (save the hair-net, one of those fashion statements that I'll just never understand), this man stood at a rack of 2-liter soda bottles for literally fifteen minutes deciding which one he wanted. He compared the bottles, inspecting each for maximum fizz potential, possibly divining the future through the bubbles.

After fifteen long minutes of watching him, (that's unfortunately a high theft area), he came up to the register with some Mountain Dew and asked if we had any 7-Up. I directed him to the primary pop area where he... proceeded to inspect each and every single bottle of soda there. There's a lot more soda over there and as a result it took him closer to twenty minutes this time.

Another fun note is the high volume of burn victims who come to that specific Plaid. Now, I work at a couple Plaid locations, and this one is the farthest from hospitals, yet... well... You know Ghouls from Fallout?

I have to try real hard not to call these guys Harold or Gob.

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